Split Pea + Sausage Soup

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You know it is fall when split pea soup makes its debut!

Really, I made this because my husband was sick and it is his favorite soup – and what is better for a cold than a hot, comforting bowl of goodness?

This recipe holds pretty tight to classic split pea soup, while also bringing something new to the table in to enhance the meals hardiness – and still keep it “souper” simple!


2 bags dried split peas

8 cups of water (and more as needed)

8 sticks of celery (large)

6 carrots (about)

Aidells chicken sausages (I used a basil & tomato sausage)

1 Tbsp Marjoram

4 Bay Leaves




First, empty the bags of split peas into a large pot. Sift through the peas with your hand to make sure there are no rocks/pebbles in the peas. Cover the peas with water (to make sure there is enough water, place your index finger at the top of the peas – if the water comes up to your first knuckle you have enough water). NOTE, you may need to add more water as the peas boil since the water evaporates quickly.

Add in bay leaves and some marjoram before you place the pot on the stove on high – bring to a boil. Once boiling, you will need to stir the peas every 15 minutes or so to keep the water from boiling over (which makes a mess!) To help with this, place the lid of the pot off-kilter so that air can get in.


The peas will boil for about 1 hour until they are the correct consistency (but of course, they can boil longer). While they are cooking, chop your carrots, celery and sausage.

Once you have chopped your vegetables and meat, add into the pot and stir well.

Add in your seasonings (salt, pepper and more marjoram if needed) to taste. Then let the pot simmer some more while the vegetables cook. NOTE, the Aidell’s sausages are pre-cooked already, so I am not adding in raw meat to the soup. If you do have raw meet you’d like to add, cook in a pan before-hand to make sure it is fully cooked through, and then put into the pot once the carrots and celery have softened.

Once you’ve seasoned it to perfection, the soup is ready to serve! But be careful if you’re eating it right away – it is soooo hot and you could be too excited and burn the roof of your mouth…. (I’m afraid I’m speaking from experience).

I enjoy this soup with some multi-grain chips on the side for dipping purposes : )







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