meI have built the site Limitless Eating in order to share my love of whole, nutritious and flavorful foods, how to make them and where to find them. The blog is dedicated to
crafting recipes that are allergy-friendly, yet oh-so delicious. Coming from a background of dietary restrictions, whether forced or by choice, I have challenged myself to cooking and baking without the typical gluten, dairy, soy, and fructose ingredients that the majority of the world uses today. My posts will be centered around recipes, but will also include health benefits and tips, as well as directions for where to find obscure ingredients (that will be used to substitute your typical ingredients).

My goal is simple: share my passion for clean and enjoyable eating with the world.

In unison with my passion for food and cooking, I am an outdoor lover: certified white water raft guide, hiker, snowboarder, paddle boarder, and general wilderness enthusiast! When I am not spending my time in the kitchen or outside, I work at the local newspaper in the advertising department. I’m a wife, daughter and sister, and love my family with all of my being. But that’s enough about me!